Children's Nutrition

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Childhood is not only a time when nutrition is integral to growth and physiological & cognitive development, but it's also a time when we learn the skills and behaviours around eating that often stay with us for life.


Suzannah has completed the Monash University's Online Course in Paediatric (children's) Nutrition as well as a certificate in the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Fussy Eating. Her experience also includes working working with babies and children as a Clinical Paediatric Dietitian in hospitals in England. 


We can help with:

 - allergies and intolerances

 - fussy eating (read more here)

 - weight management

 - failure to thrive

 - feeding development

 - appropriate foods & textures for your child's age and level of development

 - ensuring nutritional adequacy

 - advice regarding food allergy testing & management

 - ensuring appropriate growth according to age and height