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How to Choose the Best Yoghurt

There seems to be hundreds of options in the yoghurt aisle, and I get asked all the time,

"which one is the best?". When choosing a yoghurt, the main things I check for are sugar, fat and artificial additives:

1. Sugar

Unfortunately most flavoured yoghurts are very high in sugar, even the ones that aren't 'low fat'. Unflavoured Greek or Natural yoghurts with no added sugar are the best options. Ideally, choose one that has less that 5g sugar per 100g. If you find them too sour, try mixing 1/2 plain with 1/2 sweet yoghurt and gradually decrease the amount of sweet until you get used to it. Fresh fruit is a great way to naturally sweeten yoghurt too.

2. Fat

The type of fat in yoghurt is 'saturated', which means it can increase your 'bad' cholesterol if you have too much. Higher fat yoghurts will also usually be higher in kilojoules, so which one you should choose depends on your nutrition requirements and goals.

3. Artificial additives

I like to keep my food as 'real' as possible. This means eliminating artificial additives wherever I can. Yoghurt can often contain things like thickeners, preservatives, or artificial flavours. Therefore, choose one that has minimal ingredients. The best ones contain only 2 ingredients: just milk and live yoghurt cultures.

Here's a few of my favourites:

Want to try making your own yoghurt?

It's too easy - check out my recipe by clicking here

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