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Spring Tips - Weight Loss Myths

Trying to lose weight for Summer? Don’t get sucked in by the latest ‘quick-fix’ diet fads. Here’s a quick guide to some common ones around at the moment.

1.“Sugar is Poison”

Sure, eating a lot of sugar is not good for us and can cause us to gain weight. But sugar is not evil and it’s not helpful to think in this way. A little bit of sugar every now and then will not kill you, but try to limit your intake and chose whole, unrefined foods most of the time.

2.“Gluten Makes You Fat”

People who lose weight on a ‘gluten free diet’ most likely do so because they are cutting out calorie-dense wheat based foods such as cakes and biscuits. However many gluten free products are actually higher in fat & sugar and lower in fibre. Unless you have coeliac disease or wheat intolerance, there is no benefit from eating gluten free.

3.“The HCG Diet”

This is a vey restrictive diet which causes weight loss by prescribing a very low calorie diet rather than any benefit from the expensive ‘HCG’. Basically, it’s not worth your money.

Focus instead on creating a healthy balance for lasting results!

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